Dr. David Skipper

Head of School

Dr. Skipper, Head of School
Dear Students, Parents and Families,
Iā€™m happy to welcome you to Massanutten Military Academy!
Massanutten Military Academy is grounded in the success of our cadets. Our innovative academic, leadership, community service, and athletic programs are overlaid by a military structure that helps students organize their activities and provides opportunities that challenge them to meet their full potential.
As a boarding and day school, MMA Cadets come from all manner of backgrounds and geographic locations. We embrace diversity in learning ability, race, religious background, gender, and socioeconomic status while serving the needs of 6th ā€“ 12th graders and Post Graduates.
Our teachers are creative innovators who seek to bring out the best in each cadet by matching various instructional methods with the individual learning styles present in our small classes. We provide opportunities for AP and Dual Enrollment college credit courses as well as Intensive English as a Second Language (ESL), STEM, and Fine Arts / Music classes. With dynamic course offerings to meet the changing needs of our population, the MMA curriculum is more than a match for other schools.
Our programs are fully accredited by both the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) and by Advance-Ed (formerly SACS), and we are in the process of becoming an International Baccalaureate (IB) certified school as well.
The results are impressive. Just review our testimonials and you will find high levels of parent and cadet satisfaction each year. MMA cadets are accepted to many of the most respected colleges and universities including; MIT, UVA, Virginia Tech, Norwich University, St Johns College, Cornell, Purdue, West Point, and the Citadel to name but a few. Our 24 graduates this year alone earned more than 2.1 million dollars in mostly competitive scholarships.
We realize that a military boarding program can seem intimidating and may not be for everyone. However, attending MMA does not mean a child must go into the armed forces. In fact, less than 10% of graduates enter military service upon graduation. When fully actualized, the MMA experience can help provide students with increased self-confidence and improved academic, leadership, and life skills.
I hope by visiting our website, you decide to visit our academy where you and your child can meet the faculty, see the facilities, and spend some time talking with our cadets thereby experiencing the MMA difference for yourselves.
Dr. David A. Skipper
Head of School
Massanutten Military Academy