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Summer Programs

Tuition for Summer Programs 2018

Tuition for the Summer Programs is dependent on the camp. See below for camps, dates and pricing.

Included with your Camp

  • Room, Board & Meals
  • Uniforms
    • 1 & 2 week camps will receive purple polos, khaki shorts and PTs.
    • 5 week JROTC camp will receive the same as above plus full uniforms
  • WiFi
  • Camp & Program fieldtrips

July 1 - August 4
$3,500 ($300 discount for early enrollment)

The JROTC Academic Summer Program is designed to help cadet leaders increase and refine their leadership skills as well as introduce students in grades 9-12 to the JROTC curriculum through LET (Leadership Education Training): LET 1, LET2, LET3 or LET4. The JROTC program is a full day class which includes not only class time, but numerous outdoor activities. If your student is interested in JROTC and has not had the chance to explore its possibilities or if your student is trying to get ahead in their school's JROTC program, this is the opportunity for them. Completion of this program will count as one high school course credit.

July 1 - July 14
July 1 - July 14
$2,000 ($100 discount for early enrollment)
Colonel’s Camp is a Middle School Leadership Program for students in grades 6-8. During this program your student will learn valuable skills that will help them as they prepare for the high school careers. This program focuses on values like Character, Leadership, Responsibility, and Service as well as building the capacity for life-long learning.
Colonel’s Camp will consist of classroom instruction in U.S. History, Military History, The Civil War, Close Order Drill and Military Customs and Courtesies. The Campers will be instructed in Military Drill and Ceremonies including flag-raising and wreath laying.
A typical day will begin with a review and study period for the campers to complete Cadet Recognition for Massanutten Military Academy. There will be local community service activities and educational field trips. Some of the field trips planned include:
  • July 3, 2018: The National Museum of the U.S. Marines, Quantico, Virginia
  • July 5, 2018: Air & Space Museum, Dulles, Virginia
  • July 6, 2018: New Market Battlefield Museum, New Market, Virginia (Morning)
  • Route 11 Chips & Meems Bottom Covered Bridge, Mount Jackson, Virginia (Afternoon)
  • July 9, 2018: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia
  • July 7, 2018: Route 11 Chips and Meems Bottom Covered Bridge, Mt. Jackson, Virginia
  • July 10, 2018: Massanutten Water Park, Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • July 12, 2018: Afternoon Movie, Winchester, Virginia
July 1 - July 14
$2,000 ($100 discount for early enrollment)
Our Cybersecurity Summer Program exposes students to the world of cybersecurity, information technology, encryption techniques, computer programming, and how cyber security and computer science are used by professionals.
The summer program begins with the National Security Agency’s Day Of Cyber, which allows students to experience the day in the life of six security leaders. Students will also complete NSA mentor journeys, cyber challenges, create a Cyber Resume, and earn an NSA Day of Cyber Certificate of Completion.
As the program continues, students will learn more in depth knowledge about cybersecurity. Students will participate in encryption challenges, learn about methods of encryption, such as RSA encryption (widely used to encrypt online information like credit card numbers), and how to use computer code to solve cybersecurity challenges. Students will learn about defining security threats and best security practices, as well as practical knowledge about different operating systems, how cellular and wired data connections work, and how routers work.
July 1 - July 14
$2,000 ($100 discount for early enrollment)
This course provides Cadets with an opportunity to increase the score they earn on the SAT by:
  • Understanding how the test is constructed
  • Demonstrating mastery of selected content needed as a knowledgebase to take the SAT
  • Demonstrating knowledge and application of test taking strategies needed to be successful in taking the SAT.
Perseverance and practice will be vital to cadets doing well on the actual assessment. Completion of Classwork Assignments, Drills, and Homework are an expected part of this course.

July 15 - July 21
July 15 - July 21
$1,000 ($50 discount for early enrollment)
a 1-week camp for students in grades 6-12. Learn a new skill this summer...
Be part of a team creating a Mural from concept to completion. In one week, we will originate a project theme of our vision with pencil and paper sketches. Then, together as a team we will scale up this idea to a large wall size proportion. Discover the tools, techniques and perspective process to "pump-up" our visual design to a larger-than-life painted artwork.
July 22 - August 4
All Core classes are available for students needing to repeat a course. Credits for class are transferable.

(Additional Cost)

Additional Weekend Camp Activities may be added to any camp that lasts longer than one week. for the Additional Weekend Activities form.

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