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Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Our middle school is designed to help your child achieve maximum success by providing a strong educational foundation and individualized attention. A varied and rigorous academic schedule will be provided for each cadet which includes:
  • A core curriculum focuses on reading, writing, history, science, and mathematics
  • Electives in Art, Music, and STEM
  • Small class size of 10 students or less
  • Leadership education and structure
  • Opportunities for advanced students to take foreign language and high school level mathematics
The Middle School Cadets will participate in many of the same activities as the High School Cadets, such as squad jobs, drill, and inspections. And, as a parent, you will have 24-hour access to your cadet's grades online.
  • MSLA (Grades 6 - 8)
  • Middle School Language Arts will focus on enhancing the student’s reading and writing abilities, understanding of genre and text, and metacognition while focused on reading and writing. Students will focus on expanding vocabulary, reading and writing strategies, and developing further understanding of genre and text structure. Texts will be read independently, in groups, with partners, and aloud. Writing will focus on a process-based writer’s workshop. Maximum exposure to reading and writing will be the emphasis of the class. Students should seek out texts that interest them and challenge them and will be taught how to pick age and level appropriate texts. The class will adhere to the Virginia state Standards of Learning for Reading. Formal assessments will occur throughout the year and will always be announced in advance to students.
  • Spanish (Grades 8-12)
  • ¡Bienvenidos! This is an introductory course to both the Spanish language and the cultures where the Spanish language is spoken. This course is modeled on the communicative approach where emphasis is placed on communicating a message through meaning-bearing input and structured output rather than repetition and rote memorization. While it is still important for you to study vocabulary and produce the language, our approach will be directed toward the exploration and deeper understanding of the language.

  • French (Grades 8-12)
  • French will begin with a review of vocabulary and concepts learned. Students will continue to learn how to read and write French. Throughout French , students will gain a deeper understanding of the language and gain a more extensive vocabulary. Students will also learn more about the culture of Francophone countries and cultures.
  • US History MS (Grades 7 & 8)
  • Students will be guided through material using a variety of methods including lecture, small group work, and independent work. We will use the following essential questions to give our overview of U.S. History a thematic focus: What makes an American heroic? How has the American definition of a hero changed over time? Is there difference between a good citizen and a heroic citizen?

  • Civics MS (Grades 7 & 8)
  • Students will learn about the roles of citizens in relation to the government and other ruling bodies.
  • Pre-Algebra (Grade 7)
  • Math class has changed. No longer do we simply read examples, learn a formula and do practice problems every day. Throughout the course of this year, you will learn how to apply mathematic expressions and equations to questions requiring mathematic reasoning. Through Investigations, you will learn basic principles of Algebra, ways to analyze and represent proportional and non-proportional linear relationships, how to apply operations to situations involving rational numbers and many other mathematical techniques. By applying these new skills, you will develop a more sophisticated way of dealing with word problems and approaching higher levels of math.

  • Algebra (Grades 8 & 9)
  • This course examines the basic structure of real numbers, algebraic expressions, and functions. Students explore linear equations, inequalities, functions and systems, quadratic equations and functions, polynomial and exponential expressions, graphing in the Cartesian plane, data analysis, probability, and the elementary analysis of functions. Mathematical modeling of real-life problems, construction of appropriate linear models to fit data sets, and uses of technology (including some instruction with the TI-83, TI-83+ graphing calculator) are major themes of the course. By implementing structured group work, the students will to collaborate with their piers while working towards the same goal, which is to understand the mathematical concepts in class.
  • Life Science (Middle School)
  • This course helps define life and what makes up living things. Students will study life cycles, mitosis, genetics, etc.

  • Earth Science (Middle School)
  • Students will learn the four major components of Earth Science studies: Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography, and Astronomy. The scientific method, scientific tools, instruments and procedures are presented to the student in order to provide a sound basis for the understanding of science. Chemistry basics are taught in order to provide a background against which the composition and structure of minerals and rocks can be explained.
At Massanutten Military Academy, we believe that athletics play a vital role in the development of every cadet, and are an integral part of their educational experience. By participating in sports, athletes learn the importance of teamwork and how important unity is to reach a common goal. One of the most important lessons learned through participating in sports is that few goals are achieved without hard work and perseverance.
  • At Massanutten Military Academy, we feel that exposure to music plays a vital role in a well-rounded academic experience. At MMA, each middle school cadet enrolls in at least one band class. Through this class, the student will have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument and perform in an end of year concert.


  • All MMA Cadets enroll in at least one art class. These classes provides an opportunity for them to express themselves through different mediums. Our art program is run by a past New York art gallery curator.
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) is more than a catch phrase at Massanutten Military Academy. MMA is part of the “” initiative. This program provides for a hands-on learning environment where the students have the opportunity to learn by doing.
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