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Third Party Lenders

The following companies offer loan programs to families specifically for secondary private school educations.

is an education loan program for families with children attending K-12 private schools. For more information, please call 1-800-920-9777 or visit .

  • No application fee
  • No down payment
  • Approval within 24 hours
  • Co-signers allowed
  • Repayment plans up to 7 years

provides K-12 educational loans. For more information, call 1-888-272-5543 or visit .

  • No application fee
  • No down payment
  • 1-3 year repayment terms
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To recognize the commitment and sacrifice our Veterans and military families have made to our country, the NewDay USA Foundation has established a scholarship fund for candidates desiring to attend select military schools (priority will be to middle and high school students, with college students considered on a case-by-case basis). The purpose of this scholarship is to assist young men and women in their pursuit of academic success and character development, and to prepare them to become leaders.
The NewDay USA Foundation Scholarship will provide up to $20,000 tuition assistance for students attending these schools. Families are expected to contribute as they are able to the tuition assistance provided by NewDay. Eligible students may apply for the Scholarships by completing this application and submitting it to the schools to which they are applying.
An applicant’s parent or legal guardian must be:
  • a fallen U.S. armed service member killed on active duty; or,
  • a U.S. Veteran with a significant (greater than 80%) service-connected disability, or
  • a U.S. Veteran who has died due to their service-connected disability, or
  • a member of the armed forces on extended or multiple deployments away from home.
  • An applicant must be currently enrolled in an accredited public or private grade school, or be a state-approved home school student.
  • An applicant must have successfully graduated from the sixth grade and be reasonably proficient in both math and reading consistent with grade-level requirements of the state in which they live.
  • Independent of this scholarship application, applicants must apply to and be accepted by school to which they are applying.
Please note, an applicant’s NewDay USA Foundation scholarship application does not constitute nor will it be considered an application to the school. Application to and acceptance by the school is a prerequisite for scholarship consideration.
  • Priority is given to the children whose parents or guardians who have made the ultimate sacrifice, or sustained significant disability, or endured significant disruption to family life due to the demands of military service.
  • Financial circumstance of the applicant’s family may be considered.
  • Two (2) character references in the form of letters of recommendation from individuals (e.g., a teacher, a coach, etc.) who are not family members of the applicant;
  • Copies of the applicant’s academic transcripts for the two previously completed semesters;
  • For Veterans, a copy of the applicant’s parent’s or guardian’s DD214;
  • For Veterans, a copy of the applicant’s parent’s or guardian’s letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs stating the service-connected evaluation;
  • For those currently serving, documentation of extended or multiple deployments.
  • For those currently serving, documentation of personal awards, and deployment and campaign ribbons
  • Copies of the parents’ or guardians’ last two years’ state tax returns;
  • A completed scholarship application
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