Native American Cadets

Strength. Character. Success. Those qualities are the basis of Massanutten Military Academy’s foundations and the foundations of the Native Americans of our great country. Our motto, “But not for ourselves alone”, speaks to our students as our goal to create a community that serves and helps one another. The needs of the group are considered over those of the individual. As educators and mentors, we take seriously each culture and background of our students and the Native Americans that attend our school are no different. You can listen to the experiences of a few of our Native American students at Massanutten Military Academy.

When working with our students, we present concepts and ideas from a holistic perspective ensuring that everyone understands how each affect the world and our community. Massanutten Military Academy’s instructors are also careful to teach how relevant what we are learning is to the world today and to each student. As parents, that helps you and the students understand the practicality of what they will be learning and how it will help them in their adulthood and career.

In addition to learning and participating in our STEM program, our students learn leadership, self-confidence and other key attributes that will help them succeed in life. We strive to teach our students the importance of observation and listening as those qualities are not only great for solving problems but also navigating through life and relationships. Our school provides more than just a quality education. Our small class sizes and hands-on learning approach offers more opportunities for involvement both within our school and our community. Our students agree, Massanutten Military Academy doesn’t just prepare one for academic endeavors, but for life.

Choosing Massanutten Military Academy will have a lasting impact on your child’s life. The relationships they will gain here last a lifetime. You can speaking about their experiences and how they have valued the friendships made here all their lives.

Honesty, integrity, kindness, love, respect, wisdom, and humility are many of the teachings our students receive at Massanutten Military Academy as part of the characters we are shaping. No matter what career your student decides to embark upon, with those traits, we know they will be successful in their education, career and life.

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