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Parent Advisory Council

The MMA PAC is a chance for parents and administration to meet to discuss programs and the overall MMA experience. The MMA PAC meets when cadets come back on campus following a furlough and in conjunction with campus events such as Homecoming and Founder's Day. Invitations and reminders will be sent beforehand. PAC meetings are attended by one or more of the Academy Leaders; Head of School, Dr David Skipper, our Academic Dean, Kim Elshafie, and/or various Directors of other departments. In addition to these face-to-face opportunities with school leaders the PAC also communicates with each other via email and telephone call as needed.
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The MMA Parent Advisory Council meets on the last day of any academy furlough in Spanier Library at 1300 (1pm) and 1400 (3pm).

    • November 26, 2017
    • January 2, 2018
    • March 11, 2018

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  • This council shall be known as the Massanutten Military Academy Parent Advisory Council (PAC).

  • Members of the Massanutten Military Academy Parent Advisory Council (PAC) will be comprised of all parents and guardians of currently enrolled students and parents of alumni.
  • There are no dues for membership, although donations to help defray any administrative costs will be accepted.

  • Mission: To create a comprehensive parent program that gets and keeps parents involved in MMA and encourages parents to be a part of the “MMA Experience” while enhancing the educational experience for all students.
  • Values:
    • Parents are important members of the Massanutten family and are an essential resource for cadets and the entire campus community in the maximization of educational goals.
    • Effective parent relations strategies will acknowledge the critical development and growth of MMA cadets.
    • Campus-wide awareness and ownership of the issues regarding parents and families are critical to the success of parent relations at Massanutten.

  • The Council will:
    • Provide advice and counsel in long-range planning and development of PAC activities, programs, and services.
    • Aid in the formulation and promotion of goals and objectives for the PAC and communicate this to Massanutten parents.
    • Encourage and support maximum parent involvement in the PAC.
    • Enhance communication between the academy and Massanutten parents.
    • Assist the Director of Development in identifying and cultivating Massanutten parents and others to support the mission of the academy through time, talent and giving.

  • The Council is not limited in membership numbers at this time (however this may change at a late date). Council members shall express a commitment to strengthening Massanutten Military Academy and join the council to give advice to the Head of School on ways to do that.
  • The Director of Development and other school representatives will serve as a liaison between the PAC and the Head of School. There may also be an alumni liaison who is appointed by the Academy.

  • The Council shall have two officers: President and Vice President/Secretary:
    • President – Serve a one-year term subject to reappointment as the representative of the PAC. The President will preside over all meetings of the PAC.
    • Vice President/Secretary – The Vice/President Secretary shall serve a one-year term subject to reappointment as the representative of the PAC. The Vice President/Secretary shall take minutes at all PAC meetings and serve as president in the event of President’s absence.

  • Council meetings shall be held at least twice annually with special meetings called on an as-needed basis. The Council will typically meet during Homecoming Weekend in the fall and again during Founders Day Weekend in the spring. The Office of Development and Alumni Relations shall manage all affairs and business between meetings with the concurrence of the President of the Council.

  • Committees shall be established if and as needed.

    • Advisory Council members will attend two meetings per year either in person or via telephone/video.
    • Advisory Council members will assist with a minimum of two events per year.
    • Advisory Council members will help with the planning and execution of parent related events as outlined in this report.
    • Members will assist the Development Department in the raising of funds to support MMA priorities, projects, and initiatives.
    • Meetings of the Parent Advisory Council are held in October (in conjunction with Homecoming), and early spring (in conjunction with Founders Day Weekend).
  • The council will assist with parent related events - Summer Orientation, Summer Graduation, Registration, Homecoming Weekend, Founders Day weekend, Graduation and other events as deemed appropriate.

  • These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Council by a two thirds vote, provided notice was given at a previous meeting or was sent by mail or e-mail by a specified date.

  • If for any reason the Parent Advisory Council is dissolved, all property thereof belonging to the council shall automatically be transferred to the Massanutten Military Academy Office of Alumni and Parent Relations.

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